Roseledge Books is a small independent bookstore in the front porch of a coastal Maine cottage in the village of Tenants Harbor.

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  1. Pat Kamlin says:

    Hello Collen,

    Like the new blog format and interesting group of books mentioned in last blog post. Going to have a bit more winter this week even though we haven’t had to much of it so far. Not a lot of news here. Our stand alone school district is finding its way along. The town purchased the property on PT. Clyde harbor next to Linda Bean’s operations where Dan Murdock and his partners had a fishing business. Special town meeting next week to authorize taking down the building then who knows what. Seeking proposals plus plans for expanded public access to water. Ann busy at Herring Gut as usual. Fellow they hired last year as new director lasted awhile then decided to stay in Ellsworth and teach school. So staff person, Erin Meyer, who was interim director, assistant director, and runner up for the position is now the the boss.
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. Roderick Sembrano says:

    Hi Colleen,

    I am trying to find out any directions or address to your bookstore in Tenants Harbor, ME. I will plan to visit the bookstore this summer! Hope you are doing well and can make it to ME this year!


  3. We’re so happy you’re still going strong, just on the opposite side of the country. We spent a week in our old haunt of Owls Head and drove down to T Hbr hoping to see you. We were dismayed and worried when we saw your house all done over and with some kind of big concrete block structure in the back. We’ll always think of you as part of the fabric of summertime T Hbr and remember fondly the visits we enjoyed with you.
    David and Barbara Witbeck

  4. Amanda Eggers says:

    Colleen, I am a former student of yours. I was happy to find your blog and am glad you are doing well in Seattle! Would you be willing to email me? I have a couple of questions for you. All best wishes – Amanda

  5. nonnita rooney says:

    greetings colleen enjoyed our chat (anything under 2 hrs) providing info;

    my nickname lastname no space followed by @gmail.com for a total of 22

  6. Deborah Burke says:

    Hi Colleen,
    Another one of your students, Sara Swenson, told me about your blog and I will now greatly enjoy reading what you say, as I always enjoyed hearing what you had to say when I was one of your students at St. Kate’s.
    You are one of my all time favorite teachers.

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