It’s time for the high summer book sales report from Roseledge Books! So begins the fun.

Maine books first,  and first of the first is the one with almost less than one degree of separation.

Preston, Douglas. Dinosaurs in the Attic
Most closely connected to Tenants Harbor, this book about the Museum of Natural History includes its first director, Albert Bickmore, who lived two doors down Sea Street from RB.

Maine books, especially coastal Maine, are always big.
Woodard, Colin. Lobster Coast of Maine
Greenlaw, Linda. Seaworthy
Sterba, Jim. Frankie’s Place

Three copies sold make Frankie’s Place the first RB bestseller of the summer.
Siddons, Ann Rivers. Colony
Dawson, Luthera. Saltwater Farm
Murray, Eva. Well Out to Sea
Caldwell, Bill. Islands of Maine


Look at minds working. See Roseledge Books in action. Love the potential.

Heinrich, Bernd. The Snoring Bird: my Family’s Journey through a Century of Biology

Family memoir, evolving science, a lot of trees, half infused with Maine, former bestseller.  Yum.

Plants of Acadia National Park A stunner! New and much appreciated by wildflower list-builders.

Maine books “of the woods” also sell.
Tristam Coffin, Robert P. Kennebec
Roberts, Kenneth. Arundel
Doiron, Paul. The Poacher’s Son
Thoreau, Henry David . Maine Woods

Sullivan, J. Courtney. Maine
The title shouts Maine, the cover girl tanning on sand, wearing little, and living in a beach house less so. Rocks and cottages and maybe sweats are more typically coastal. So Ms. Courtney knows family relationships, but does she understand Maine? A RBR has vowed to let me know.

Books more or less about sailing next time.

Way too much fog yesterday and today. Too few sailboats in the harbor to make this a likely day of big sales to sailors walking by. And it’s Saturday, rental-cottage-turnover day, so RBR’s among this group bought their withdrawal reads yesterday and newbies still have the joy of discovering RB. It’s goodbye and hello all over again.

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