I may be away this summer, but Roseledge Books is there, open sometimes and offering it’s best deal ever.

First things first — the deal. Maybe for this summer only, RB OVERSTOCK books are priced at the VERY LOW PRICE of $2.50 each. Yes, the extra copies of mostly trade paperback books I thought were especially apt for RB or might go out of print are there for your picking and choosing. Some of them are a few years old, but goodness never dies, even if apt-ness does. The big question is, what makes — or made — them apt? Best guesses always welcome by blog or in-person next summer.

The only requirement for taking advantage of this VERY GOOD DEAL is that you have to be in Tenants Harbor and at Roseledge Books when it is open — which happens when goodheart Scott is on the porch or inside the open door, usually on Tuesday and, maybe, Friday afternoons before dusk because the lights don’t work. The unavailable power means no webcam, either. But to return to the good news…

So when there on the porch sits Scott, RB’s world of treasures is available to you. Scott is an RB Regular from Roseledge Books’ day one in the summer of ’85. He REALLY knows the local lore and books of Maine and is currently trying to figure out if he is related to everyone — or maybe it’s every family — in St. George. This is not to be confused with the guy who has figured out that we are all related to each other, is writing a book about his search and invited everyone to a family reunion in NYC. When the book is in paperback, RB will have it. But I digress.

Of special fun for RB is Scott’s special gift for figuring out the fewest “degrees of separation” between any book and Tenants Harbor. No reason is too questionable. For example, Carol O’Connell, in Killing Critics, refers to “that artist in Maine” which I am sure is code for Andrew Wyeth who lived nearby or better, now that Andrew has died, Jamie Wyeth who lives even nearer-by. So I keep — or maybe kept — a copy of the book on RB shelves. It may even be in OVERSTOCK for 2.50. Neither Scott nor I can remember which book was made relevant by Caroline Kennedy’s visit to Tenants Harbor elementary school in support of her uncle, Ted Kennedy.

I hate missing you all, but Scott keeps me posted and the house painted. I am working hard on walking again. Very clever Charlie adapted a standing/transfer device and very clever physical therapist Jarod has developed a torture program, complete with a safe word in case the ilial-tibial band torture is too much. So far I have never called it.

I can do this, I can do this, I will (teeth clenched) do this….

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