Well, Maine is a no-go this summer. I haven’t given up on my legs, though others may have, so I have started a new round of physical therapy with someone who seems creative and good and who has not ruled out ME in ’17. Keep your fingers crossed. And get ready for tornado-strength blasts of ESP when you are anywhere near Roseledge. One never wants to be completely out of the picture.

Goodheart Scott is going to keep Roseledge fit and has promised to people the front porch on occasion, mostly Tuesdays for Sea Street and Barters Point renters and others who come on Saturday, settle in on Sunday, visit favorite spots on Monday, and get ready to walk and read and re-become one with Tenants Harbor on Tuesday. Other times are at his discretion, but pre-pub sittings on Fridays are known to have occurred.

He will keep the wildflowers — okay, dandelions and creeping Charlie which some might wrongly call weeds — and growing grass at bay and fix the sign on the tree at the corner. ROSELEDGE BOOKS has lost its R and is now OSELEDGE BOOKS which is only fun with an explaining person at hand. So Scott has agreed — grudgingly, I thought — that he will not turn OSELEDGE into NOSELEDGE or, worse, O’SELEDGE which is so-o-o not Irish or funny.  Okay, it’s a little funny.

See the harbor, the sun’s glare, the perched gull, the un-inserted photo.

Know that many, maybe most, of the books will be marked way down, even as I read to choose new titles for the summer of ‘17. I’ve just started and am loving Hope Jahren’s Lab Girl. Fortunately, her current lab is at the U of Hawaii which is clearly one with water, sort of, and so will be a must for ROSELEDGE BOOKS next summer. Another probable is Catriona McPherson’s Quiet Neighbors, set in winter in a Scottish bookstore town with Lowell’s Bookshop filled with secrets and tales to tell or sell, all of which sum to a good read on a hot summer day from ROSELEDGE BOOKS whose next door neighbors across the road and down the hill are, yes, the Lowells!

I hope the physical therapist’s leg and stomach exercises are filled with enough hurt to out-ache a breaking heart.  Maybe she could make paper books readable again. Out, out damn Kindle.  But that is a rant for another post.

I remain optimistic.

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  1. Kristin Tescher says:

    Hello Colleen,

    we’ll miss you dearly, but glad you have a good PT and an unbreakable will!
    I enjoy keeping up with your blog & will check out your summer reading recommendations (the Scottish bookstore sounds wonderful for a foggy day of reading!)

    (& I will make at least one shopping trip to O’SELEGE when Scott is there 🙂

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