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A blue heron stood between the wharf and the wrecks at mid-tide in front of Roseledge.  It was visible through the webcam if you looked at the right time. The little kids sailed this way and that in the St. … Continue reading

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“I’m going to retire and travel around the world.” (Pause.) “I’m going to stay longer in several places.” (More pause.) The attending bookseller hears, “What books should I read?” Never at a loss to answer unasked questions, Roseledge Books suggests … Continue reading

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Some mornings are especially fine: good coffee, curious new tracks in the snow, and the NYTimes with a “search” story. Today was one such. First the story: A lost letter from Rene Descartes was found (NYTimes 2/25/10).   A Descartes … Continue reading

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I missed friend Dave’s Memorial Service last week because I was on my way to Maine to open Roseledge Books.  He was a man of many talents, but I wanted the world to know him as the student and fellow … Continue reading

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Two boaters stopped by for a treasure and a visit about books and wondered if RB had anything about Egypt, as they were about to cruise the Nile. The answer, of course, is “of course.” The gauntlet was tossed. Fig. … Continue reading

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Journals or memoirs (a kind of rolling journal?) are my current favorite form of reading. For instance, I loved learning about the Middle East from William Dalrymple’s From the Holy Mountain, Rory Stewart’s The Places In Between, or Carl Raswan’s … Continue reading

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