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It’s a wonderful day in Tenants Harbor: soft sun, quiet breeze, cooing mourning dove (I think) and a harbor full of dinghies to welcome back lobstermen later in the day. Fig. #33. (Picture from Fig. #26 repeated by accident, but … Continue reading

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More fear-dredging from Homeland Security this last week. Now the potential evil-doers are unobserved coastal boaters at rest in harbors. So Tenants Harbor boaters are to watch their water-borne neighbors and be alert for — who knows what? This is … Continue reading

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No Tenants Harbor arrival date set yet, but I remain hopeful.  I asked Scott Hodgkins to post a HELP WANTED notice on the bulletin boards in both the Town Office and the Post Office. Scott tonied it up a bit, … Continue reading

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An Almost-Roseledge-Books-Regular (a potential RBRegular who has only been once) called from the airport to say she is delayed and reading Sarah Orne Jewett’s story maybe set in Tenans Harbor, Country of the Pointed Firs, and it is perfect. Sounds … Continue reading

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Richard III (1452-1485) is alive again in the public mind! This is no small feat for someone dead these 500+ years.  The newsworthy note is that Richard III’s bones have probably been found which means that two questions about him … Continue reading

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