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It’s time for the high summer book sales report from Roseledge Books! So begins the fun. Maine books first,  and first of the first is the one with almost less than one degree of separation. Preston, Douglas. Dinosaurs in the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene blew down (or sogged up, if rain was the beast) trees, and some of the trees fell on wires that cut electricity to homes. A Maine friend had one such tree. Her neighbor said, “Your tree fell and … Continue reading

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With changing appetizers available from the Produce Lady, summer eases into August. Little carrots, sugar snap peas, and native strawberries have passed, but green beans and broccoli florets dipped in cabbage slaw are a new favorite, grape tomatoes are still … Continue reading

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Finally, the last of the order lists.  To make it more intriguing, look for fat biographies, detailed memoirs, journals, logs, or diaries of adventurers in places doing things we know too little about, at least four works with (sometimes remote) … Continue reading

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